Most know about the costs associated with moving: safety deposit and first month's rent paid in advance. Throw in some new thrifted furniture and a new bed spread and you're set. Or are you?

If you're moving soon, be aware of these extra costs. 

1. Renter's Insurance. Luckily, renter's insurance is only a little more than $100 per year, depending on your level of coverage. And you can usually check with your insurance provider for bundle discount. But, it's still more money to spend when you're already likely spending upward of $1,000 just to move in.

2. Utility fees. In Missouri, each utility charges a $25 new customer fee added to the first bill. Plus fees for internet (read: unregulated) service connection. If you're lucky enough to live in a town with utility co-ops, you might get to avoid these fees. 

3. Occupancy permit fees. Each area is different, but if your municipality requires an occupancy permit, expect another charge to be able to move in.

4. Insurance changes. If you move to a neighborhood deemed "high risk" by your auto insurance company, your premium might rise. Likewise, if you lived at home and had the same insurance as your parents, you'll likely lose a multi-car discount. Might be time to shop the market!

5. Trash pick up fees. If your apartment or neighborhood doesn't cover trash cans, you'll have to either buy your own heavy duty trash cans or rent them from the garbage company at a serious premium.

6. Cancellation fees. If you have to suddenly move out of town for a new job opportunity, your gym membership might charge a pretty penny for you to cancel your membership. That's why it's always important to read your contracts before signing. Yikes! 

This isn't meant to overwhelm you or discourage you from moving. However, these are things that I certainly didn't consider when moving. Had I budgeted for these extra expenses, the experience would have been much more pleasant!

Use this as a reference point when working with a landlord or realtor so you're not left high and dry at the last minute.