I’m not the type to shy away from projects I have no business undertaking. Plumbing DIY? Sure. Let’s get it done. Oh, I don’t know how? I'll just watch 1,304 YouTube tutorials on it.

So after moving into our new home in December and knowing we had to redo our bathroom, my obsession began. Initially, I did some quote-requesting and meeting-with-contractors. But since the cheapest quote I received was about $5k (without materials), I had to find another way. So the planning for our two-week under $2k bathroom makeover began.

By the way, anytime you want to do a major home remodeling project, it helps if your significant other has a “sure thing” attitude about it. Seriously. Mine was the best. Here's what we did, how we did it, and where we hired things out.

Scope of the project. In our bathroom we needed to demo everything, except the ceiling and some of the walls, take everything out, then re-build and put everything back in.

Where we spent. We paid for the tub installation, to avoid any issues down the road. I bought all the materials and paid a tile professional to do the stuff that I couldn’t possibly do after watching multiples tutorials on it (not comfortably anyways).

We reused everything we could. I reused what I could, such as the cabinet, mirror, and light fixture, cleaning them up and refinishing what we could. 

The budget breakdown. About 35% of the budget went to the labor costs, and the rest went into materials. All in all, the bathroom ended up with new tub, toilet, vanity, tile (floor and tub wall), a nice tile accent and a splash of paint.

We ended up just barely under our $2k budget. Honestly, we would have been way under-budget if we had been able to borrow many of the tools. But hey, now we have a ton of super specific tools to shoot nails into the wall and remove bath fixtures. There’s never enough of those, right?

I wanted to share this massive project we undertook to show that you can totally do a remodel on a budget (and mostly DIY!). Here are some pictures so you can believe me: BEFORE and AFTER

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