If you’ve ever re-evaluated your grocery budget, you have probably found a few ways to save money.

For example, it’s not a good idea to grocery shop while hungry—you tend to buy way more than you need. So grab a bite to eat before you hit the aisles if you’re budget conscious.This is pretty common advice. If you’re looking for less-conventional ways to cut your grocery bill, hear me out.

"Now, what if we could bypass that, and grocery shop without going *in* to the store?"

 We all know manufacturers have consumer spending down to a science: branding, presentation, etc. Even the way that grocery store floor plans are laid out all have to do with maximizing how much we spend once we walk through those doors.

Now, what if we could bypass that, and grocery shop without going *in* to the store?

Grocery shopping online isn’t all that new, but it wasn’t available as widely as it is now (plus the delivery fees were outrageous!). There’s an emerging trend in the grocery game—curbside service. Many chains, like Meijer for example, now offer a pickup service at their store.

You go online, order off your list (milk, bread, tomatoes, you name it), and you pick up at the outside of the store. You never even having to leave your car!

If you only have a few items on your list, you avoid having to schlep through aisles and aisles of food and tempting end-caps. You are less likely to spend your money on impulse buys (not to mention you save time). These impulse buys are the biggest budget wreckers in the grocery department, especially because those ‘conveniently placed’ items are usually marked way up.

See if this type of grocery service is available at any stores near you, or explore online delivery services that offer similar options (such as Amazon Prime Pantry). This is a trend that might actually help you keep cash in your pocket.

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