We all want to stay healthy and in shape, right? But some of the best ways to stay in shape are insanely expensive – think boutique gym memberships, personal trainers, and pricey meal plans. Well, never fear! I have put together a list of free apps that can help you stay on-budget without compromising your nutrition or fitness goals.

  1. Calorie-Counting Apps: The Myfitnesspal app lets you track your nutrition and exercise all in one, eliminating the need for expensive diet plans. You can input your fitness goals and the app will provide you with calorie counts and macro ratios to follow. When you log the meals you are eating, the app will keep a running calorie and nutrition tally for you, letting you see which foods are helping you and which are hurting you. It also includes a barcode scanner, so there is no guesswork on how many calories are in each item.

  2. Grocery Apps: Most major grocery stores have an app, and they can get you some pretty great deals. I LOVE the app for my local Hannaford grocery store. It presents custom coupons based on what you buy, promotes current sales, and tracks your account with the store reward program (which gives you 2% cash back on their store brand items). The best part is that the things like fresh fruits and veggies, which you seldom find coupons for, also qualify for the 2% cash back, so you can eat healthy while saving money.

  3. Workout Apps: There is a huge selection of workout apps to choose from, no gym membership required. One of my personal favorites is called Workout Trainer. It has a huge collection of workouts to choose from, which provide audio and visual guides that help you do the exercises correctly. It keeps track of the workouts you do, your progress from month to month, and even reminds you to rest and hydrate. Be warned, the app will try to sell you their upgraded version. Resist! There is plenty of value in the free version.

There are many other apps that can help you stay healthy and on-budget. Explore the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to find free apps that suit you best.