Tis the season of baking frenzies, late night Pinterest pinning, and for those of us who live away from family—traveling!

One of the biggest holiday season expenses for us is traveling. We’ve always lived at least a full day’s drive from family, and in many cases, have lived so far that road-tripping was just out of the question. With a family of four, and no children who can pass for young enough to sit on laps, those expenses add up quickly.

Along with finding a great travel deal, one of my must-dos for holiday travel is buying trip insurance. But not all trip insurance is created equal, let’s explore.

When I recently purchased plane tickets for December travel, I was sure I wanted to protect that purchase in case of, well, life. If one of us gets sick or some scheduling dilemma comes up, I’d rather be able to recoup most of what I paid. We all know airline travel isn’t cheap.

TIP: Call your credit union and ask if they offer discounted trip insurance for members. 

Well, when I was checking out, I was offered trip insurance that I could pay right then (booking from the airline). I could not believe how much more expensive it was than looking through a third party. It was hundreds of dollar for a familly of young people with very low risk!

You can compare different plans at insuremytrip.com and see what’s out there for your specific trip. Now we all know credit unions are the best thing ever and, turns out, going through your local branch for travel insurance is exponentially cheaper than buying it directly when you book your flight. Call and ask them if they work with a third-party vendor to provide you discounts as part of your membership.

Chances are that the friendly and knowledgeable folks at your credit union will be able to point you in the right direction so you can protect that trip you’ve saved up for all year long.

I know mine did.

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