Since the beginning of the modern age, people have mistrusted banks. That trust certainly hasn't strengthened much since then. Credit unions, on the other hand, have a "member first" mindset that helps keep policies and operations in line with credit union values.

If you're looking for a sign to join a credit union, this is it.

What is a credit union?

A credit union is a not-for-profit financial institutions owned and operated by its members—that means you. You become a member, not a customer, by "buying in," usually with a deposit between $1 and $25 in a savings account. 

What are the benefits?

Lower rates. Whether you're looking for an auto loan or credit card, the only shareholders a credit union has to please is YOU and other members, so that typically means lower rates than banks or other lenders. 

Free checking. See point 1. Why pay for checking when you could get it for free? Instead of only offering free checking when a customer has more than a certain amount of money in their account, 

Personal service. Because you own and operate the credit union, members come first. Credit unions deeply value their members because without them, there would be no credit union. There's a vested interest in seeing members succeed with their financial goals, no matter what they are.

A diverse array of products and services. There's a misconception that smaller financial institutions don't have the robust products and services of big players. That's simply not true. You can likely find any financial product, as well as digital account management tools, at your local credit union. 

So whether you prefer to do business in person or online, a credit union is the smarter choice. Questions? Visit to get started.