Social Distancing has become a reality during this very strange time in our lives. Many of us are concerned with health, family, jobs, finances, and when we will get back to “normal” life. As with any uncertain time, being with your friends and family members always makes it easier. Although social distancing makes socializing a little difficult, I have a few ideas to help you still feel connected to the people that mean the most.

Seeing Familiar Faces

There are several video chat apps that can keep you face-to-face with your friends and family. Skype and Facetime have been around for quite some time now, but there are also a few other video chatting options that can work great as well. Zoom and Houseparty have been gaining attention since everyone has been staying home more. Zoom has grown in popularity with group video chatting, and Houseparty has incorporated playing games on the app as well as video chat. These are all great ways to check on your loved ones and interact in a more personal way.

Exploring New Faces

Exploring our options for new companions is never easy, but if you are single, now it’s even more difficult to date. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have the option to go LIVE and have guests join you on your page. I saw someone using this LIVE feature to host speed dating. You have tons of people that may be connected to your social media that you never talk to, and this is a great way to find out who may be interested in getting to know you better. Very cool because you never know, right?!

Also, consider setting up a dinner time with someone you are still getting to know., It’s also a good reason to get dressed up. You can enjoy your dinner via video chat while you get to know each other better. It will be good practice for the real deal.

TV Time

Stay connected by using your favorite shows or movies that have come out. Netflix is helping us out by offering free watch parties. This is good because you can join the watch party from different locations, and the site includes a chat option so you can still communicate throughout the show.

Oldie but Goodie

Although technology has come a long way and helps to keep us more connected, we should never underestimate a call, text, or email to check in.

Many of us have more free time now, and it is a great time to build closer relationships with those that mean the most by using all the digitals options we have. Stay connected. Stay positive.