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  • Fintech Blues

    Fintech Blues

    How many times have you wished you could get paid today, when payday is actually 1 week away? Millions of people take advantage of Mobile Money Apps which can be mildly helpful to use in a pinch. It can also become a slippery slope, when a pinch turns into dependence. Follow me for a second…
  • Why It's Time to Join a Credit Union

    Why It's Time to Join a Credit Union

    Since the beginning of the modern age, people have mistrusted banks. That trust certainly hasn't strengthened much since then. Credit unions, on the other hand, have a "member first" mindset that helps keep policies and operations in line with credit union values.
    If you're looking for a sign to join a credit union, this…
  • Staying Connected During Covid-19

    Staying Connected During Covid-19

    Social Distancing has become a reality during this very strange time in our lives. Many of us are concerned with health, family, jobs, finances, and when we will get back to “normal” life. As with any uncertain time, being with your friends and family members always makes it easier. Although social distancing makes socializing a…
  • Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest

    Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest

    It is our duty to become as knowledgeable as possible about our money and the decisions we make that revolve around it. Whether we are borrowing money or having our money sit in an account, it is important to understand how interest works to ensure we make the best decisions. Simple interest and compound interest…
  • Minimum Payments: Hurray or No Way?

    Minimum Payments: Hurray or No Way?

    What Is a Minimum Payment?
    The minimum payment is the least amount you are required to pay to keep your credit card account in good standing with the creditor. It is calculated monthly based on your balance at the end of each billing cycle. Commonly only 1-3% of the statement balance is the minimum…
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