About Us

Guides to Money is sponsored by your local credit union. Here you can take free courses to master basic money skills or follow the MoneyMix blog, where we share personal finance advice, stories, and inspiration. We talk about managing money not as a necessity or a slog, but as an opportunity to live the kind of life you want.

You’ll also notice we mention credit unions. A lot.

This is because we believe credit unions are your best financial partner. Credit unions offer the same services as banks, but they are not-for-profit, so their money stays in the community and their decisions are about more than maximizing their earnings. Credit unions are also cooperatives, which means they’re democratic organizations grounded in common principles, like providing education to members and a concern for the community.


In fact, that’s your credit union's logo to the right there. Contact them for help meeting your financial goals or to find out more about what makes credit union's different. 

For questions about the site, contact hello@cuna.coop. 



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