If you’ve watched the newest Netflix sensation “Tidy Up with Marie Kondo,” then you are familiar with the term “spark joy.” In the series, renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo tries to help people declutter their homes and ultimately their lives by using her KonMari Method. The show inspired me to purge and organize my own home. As a result, I began to think of ways to organize my finances.

The KonMari method is a decluttering process that involves sorting and categorizing your belongings, keeping only the things that “spark joy.” The same can be applied to your finances. Prioritize financial goals that spark joy and save for them. While I do not recommend this method for household bills, it can still be useful. Let’s face it, paying my electricity bill does not spark joy for me by any means.

Since travelling sparks joy for my family, we choose not to spend a lot on Christmas gifts, so we can use that money instead to travel. Find areas where you can cut back on spending, like cutting cable or lowering your cell phone plan, to save money and reach your goals.

One category in the KonMari method is clothes. When I get the itch to shop for a new wardrobe, I start with my closet. I try something on to see if it still sparks joy. Sites like Poshmark and thredUp are a great way to sell the clothes that no longer bring me joy. I use that money to buy new stuff. It’s a win-win.

Organization is a big part of the KonMari method. Everything is labeled and organized so you know what you have available to you. I do the same for my finances, using a budgeting app to help me keep track of my expenses. Everything is labeled, and every dollar is accounted for so I know where my money is going. It also reminds me which bills I still need to pay. There are tons of great budgeting apps out there. Find one that works for your lifestyle.

Happy Tidying!